Keep children healthy in school

Build a relationship with families inside of their trusted school community. Kinsa for Schools engages parents in a social conversation about their children’s health.

  • PREVENT: Social forum fosters discussion about illness prevention
  • SUPPORT: Parents guide and help each other through “sick kid moments”
  • EMPOWER: Parents (& their doctors) see “what’s going around” for quicker diagnoses

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Step 1:

School & Family Enrollment

Thousands of schools nationwide apply to be a part of the program each year. Once accepted, families and teachers connect via the app and may receive a free Kinsa thermometer. Families can quickly detect & respond to illness through their in-app school group.

Step 2:

Illness Prevention & Preparation

Kinsa keeps families healthy through a contextual, social conversation about health. For example:

  • Private in-app school groups where parents come to ask health questions and alert others when a bug is going around
  • Educational content to help parents proactively prepare for cold and flu

Step 3:

Illness Support

Families use early knowledge of spreading illness to take children to the doctor faster, get treatment sooner, and help their school prevent sickness from spreading.

As seen in

School families use Kinsa to understand:

What should I tell my doctor?

Fevers, symptoms, and medications are all tracked in a time-stamped log for each member of the family.

What should I do next?

Real-time, personalized guidance helps parents know when to call a doctor and how to make their kids feel better.

What's going around?

Parents learn what’s circulating in their child’s grade so they can treat it quickly or avoid it in the first place.

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