Proud to announce 2 new initiatives to help improve our country's ability to detect outbreaks and stop the spread of illness:

  • 1.We've made our U.S. health map free and available to the public. See your local illness level HERE, and contribute to our illness signal with your Kinsa thermometer or by using the free Kinsa app by itself.
  • 2.We are donating a thermometer to a family in need for every thermometer purchased on our website. Purchase HERE and we'll donate an additional Kinsa thermometer through our FLUency school health program next fall.

Kinsa's mission is to stop the spread of contagious illness through early detection and early response.

We do three things:

1. Help individuals access appropriate care early, right when they fall ill

2. Help communities respond to curb the spread of illness in schools and beyond

3. Track and predict the spread of infectious illness across the U.S. in real-time


Well Informed

Kinsa uses age, fever and symptoms to help you understand when and how to soothe symptoms, take meds or call the doctor.

5 Years Old 102.1˚ Fever + Cough

Well Guided

Armed with real-time community health information, Kinsa helps triage your illness right when you get sick — connecting you to information, care providers or even nearby medical facilities.

Nearest Rx .5 Miles Strep Rising in 2nd Grade This cough sounds like croup

Well Connected

By working with the organizations that help people feel better, Kinsa can connect you to the products and services you need, right when you need them.