Featured Published Research

S. F. Ackley, S. Pilewski, V. S. Petrovic, L. Warden, E. Murray, and T. C. Porco, “Assessing the Utility of a Smart Thermometer and Mobile Application as a Surveillance Tool for Influenza and Influenza-like Illness,”  Health Informatics Journal, Jan. 23, 2020.

A. C. Miller, R. A. Peterson, I. Singh, S. Pilewski, P. M. Polgreen, “Improving State-Level Influenza Surveillance by Incorporating Real-Time Smartphone-Connected Thermometer Readings Across Different Geographic Domains,”  Open Forum Infectious Diseases, vol 6, iss. 11, Nov., 2019.

A. C. Miller, I. Singh, E. Koehler, and P. M. Polgreen, “A Smartphone-Driven Thermometer Application for Real-time Population- and Individual-Level Influenza Surveillance,”  Clinical Infectious Diseases, vol. 67, iss. 3, pp. 388-397, 2018.

A. C. Miller, I. Singh, S. Pilewski, V. Petrovic, and P. M. Polgreen, “Real-time Local Influenza Forecasting using Smartphone-Connected Thermometer Readings,”  Poster Abstract Session: Public Health: Epidemiology and Outbreaks, ID Week, Oct. 4, 2018.

Pre-Publications Under Peer-Review

B. D. Dalziel, S. D. Chamberlain, C. A. Ariza, A. L. Daitch, P. B. Philips, I. Singh, “Long-range local influenza forecasts via distributed syndromic monitoring: preliminary results.” medRxiv, June 7, 2020.

S. D. Chamberlain, I. Singh, C. A. Ariza, A. L. Daitch, P. B. Philips, B. D. Dalziel, “Real-time detection of COVID-19 epicenters within the United States using a network of smart thermometers.” medRxiv, April 6, 2020.

Other Academic Research

P. Liautaud, P. Huybers, and M. Santillana, “Fever and mobility data indicate social distancing has reduced incidence of communicable disease in the United States.” Harvard University, April 22, 2020.

Kogan, Nicole E., et al., “An Early Warning Approach to Monitor COVID-19 Activity with Multiple Digital Traces in Near Real-Time.” Harvard University, July 7, 2020.

Research conducted by University of Nebraska-Lincoln.