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Kinsa has built an early warning system to track and stop the spread of illness. With more than 1.5 million smart thermometers in use across the country today, our system detected COVID-19 spread nearly three weeks before case numbers surged. Because fever is so often the first sign of a contagious illness, the more Americans using Kinsa thermometers, the more precise our early warning system can be. While completely protecting individual privacy, Kinsa gives your community the knowledge needed to stop the spread of illness at

By using Kinsa you help yourself and your family get better faster, you help your community stop the spread of illness, and you help our country contain outbreaks early.


To help us track the spread of COVID-19, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Order your Kinsa Thermometer

Kinsa QuickCare Smart Digital Thermometer and Kinsa App

Step 2: Download the free Kinsa app

Kinsa App is available in App Store and Google Play

Step 3: Take your temperature regularly

QuickCare syncs with Kinsa's free app

Learn more about QuickCare Smart Thermometer: 

Kinsa QuickCare Smart Digital Thermometer with Free App

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  • Bluetooth connection to the Kinsa app
  • FDA-cleared for safety & accuracy for all ages
  • Fast reading in 8 seconds or less
  • Use orally, rectally or under the arm
  • Flexible comfort tip
  • Large backlit display
  • Readings in °F or °C
  • Ergonomic one-button design
  • Hygienic storage pouch
  • Replaceable battery (CR2032)
  • Innovative no-hassle setup
  • Made from biocompatible plastics, and is BPA free
  • Compatible with iPhones & Android devices


The free Kinsa app also provides real-time personalized guidance, helping care for yourself and your family right in your moment of need.

  • Get age-based recommendations in real-time on how to feel better faster
  • Keep a log of your family’s health with individual profiles
  • Track medication dosages and set reminders
  • Know nearby illnesses on the rise so you can take the appropriate actions to stay well
  • Connect to telemedicine, a nurse hotline, or other moment-of-need services

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