About This Map

Click “play” to watch the progression of cold & flu season across the US during the 2018-2019 flu season. If you’d like to explore our real-time illness insights or more advanced analyses and visualizations, please contact us for more information.


How We Calculate Illness Levels

Kinsa aggregates infectious illness levels in real time through our broad network of smart thermometers and the connected Kinsa Health app. We use this information to estimate the percentage of the population afflicted with febrile illness (most commonly cold & flu) throughout the United States.

Kinsa Insights has become the earliest and most geo-precise signal for estimating infectious illness in the U.S., available to those who can help us take action to minimize the spread. External academics have validated Kinsa’s unprecedented localized illness detection and forecasting in peer-reviewed research. To learn more, visit us here.

About Kinsa

Kinsa’s mission is to detect illness in real-time, helping individuals, communities and health systems respond before it spreads.

To achieve this mission, Kinsa has developed a communication network that guides people the moment they fall ill. Because the first device used when illness strikes is a thermometer, Kinsa offers a “smart” thermometer that connects to the Kinsa Health App to record temperature and symptoms over time. Aggregating tens of millions of anonymous data inputs from more than a million users, Kinsa employs artificial intelligence to triage illnesses based on severity, duration and contagiousness. Kinsa then connects the ill to medical guidance and services that will help them get better.