Monitor for outbreaks and prevent the spread of illness with the Kinsa for Schools program.

Stop illness from coming to school

Prompt daily fever screenings at home using the award-winning Kinsa smart thermometer and app.

Monitor school illness trends

Catch illness early with your private dashboard, which aggregates trends and enables real-time communication with families to stop the spread.


Stay one step ahead of illness thanks to weekly advice from our team of clinicians and real-time local illness updates

Support When You Need It

Access your dedicated customer service team 7 days a week.

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How It Works

Arm families and staff with an essential health tool

40% of school families do not have access to a working thermometer.* Empower your families and staff to accurately identify illness at its first sign with Kinsa’s award-winning smart thermometer.

*Survey conducted by Kinsa across 1,018 schools.

Prevent the spread of illness

If a fever or symptom is present, families are reminded to stay home and guided to appropriate care and treatment to get better faster.

Monitor the health of your school community

Your private dashboard aggregates health trends at the grade level, all while protecting student privacy. If illness levels start to rise, immediately communicate with families to prompt appropriate action to stop the spread.

Kinsa for Schools

A trusted solution for preventing the spread of illness in schools.

Public Schools and Districts

Private Schools

A comprehensive solution to monitor the health of your school. Free for public elementary schools.

Subsidized program to help private schools bring students back to class.

All in one illness monitoring program paid for by sponsors.

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Privacy is Our Priority

Monitor illness in your school without sacrificing privacy. Temperature and symptom trends are anonymously aggregated, ensuring individual data stays private while you get the information you need to take action. Click here to learn more.

Contribute to a Broader Mission

We’re on a mission to stop the spread of infectious illness through early detection and early response. By using the Kinsa smart thermometer and app you are helping your broader community know when illness is spreading. Click here to learn more.