Parents at my school are great about entering their child's illnesses and symptoms in the Kinsa app, which helps me prepare for the week ahead. I share the weekly flu reports Kinsa sends me with teachers at my school to help them get a better understanding of what's going around. They help remind parents to keep their children home if they're feeling sick.
– Maria, Kinsa for Schools Super-Nurse

We've Proven We Can Improve Healthy Habits

Earlier, More Appropriate Care

Kinsa for Schools families are 50% more likely to get on antivirals that shorten the duration and severity of flu episodes.


Prioritization of Healthy Habits

Kinsa for Schools students are 50% more likely to wash their hands the recommended amount (7+ times daily).


Preventative Care as Core Curriculum

80% of Kinsa for Schools teachers spend more time teaching their class about proper hygiene because of the program.


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