What You Get This Flu Season

Free Kinsa Smart Thermometers

Every family that participates at your school qualifies for a free, award-winning Kinsa smart thermometer. This thermometer links to an exclusive school group in the Kinsa app, where any fevers, symptoms or diagnoses are aggregated - anonymously - so every family knows what's going around and how to treat it, ASAP.

Exclusive Nurse Communication Tool

We grant you access to an exclusive web dashboard that allows you to message families about what's going around and how to treat it. When families are aware that a mild fever might be symptomatic of something worse, they're more likely to keep their child home sick. This reduces clinic load and reduces the spread of illness in classrooms.

First-to-Know Flu Season News

At Kinsa, we've developed a model to predict flu season trends that rivals that of the Center for Disease Control. We send you these updates weekly, which means that you'll be in the know about flu trends well ahead of national news.

Parents at my school are great about entering their child's illnesses and symptoms in the Kinsa app, which helps me prepare for the week ahead. I share the weekly flu reports Kinsa sends me with teachers at my school to help them get a better understanding of what's going around. They help remind parents to keep their children home if they're feeling sick.
– Maria, Kinsa for Schools Super-Nurse

We've Proven We Can Improve Healthy Habits

Earlier, More Appropriate Care

Kinsa for Schools families are 40% more likely to get on antivirals that shorten the duration and severity of flu episodes.


Prioritization of Healthy Habits

Kinsa for Schools students are 50% more likely to wash their hands the recommended amount (7+ times daily).


Preventative Care as Core Curriculum

80% of Kinsa for Schools teachers spend more time teaching their class about proper hygiene because of the program.


Applications are closed for the 2019-20 season!


We’ll start recruiting schools for next school year in May 2020, so please fill out the form to the right for early consideration!

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