Identify illness outbreaks early, so you can take action before it spreads.

The WellTogether™ program provides an early warning system for illness spread without compromising your employees’ privacy.

How it works:

  1. Employees use the Kinsa Smart Thermometer and Triage App to screen for symptoms before they come to work
  2. Anonymous fever and symptom data is aggregated by office, so you can see where and when illness is rising.

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Earliest Warning Signal

Data from Kinsa’s network of smart thermometers is an effective early warning system for spreading illness, providing 3 weeks advance notice of COVID-19 spread.

Proven Track Record

Kinsa has been working with schools across the country for the past 5 years to help school communities identify outbreaks of illness early. Now we’re applying those same tools to make the workplace safer and healthier.

Easy to Implement. Employees Love It.

Launch within 3 weeks. No eligibility files needed. Employee NPS of +75.

How It Works

Screen employees for symptoms before they come to work.

An effective back-to-work strategy starts in the home. Employees are reminded to do daily temperature and symptom checks before they leave their home. The app instantly tells them if it’s ok to come to work.

Guide sick employees to testing and care, right when they need it.

When an employee has fever or symptoms, they are guided to the care they need. The app seamlessly links to your existing benefits or resources. 

Identify outbreaks early, so you know where and when to take action.

See aggregate fever trends and how many members have been asked to stay home, grouped by building or location. Make data-driven decisions about when to implement widespread testing, deep cleaning, or work-from-home policies.

WellTogether™ Dashboard

Kinsa is the secret sauce for adoption of telemedicine and family health benefits.

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WellTogether™ SMB

For small & medium-sized businesses (1-999 employees)

WellTogether™ Enterprise

For large businesses (1000+ employees only)

  • All the product, app & screening features of WellTogether SMB, plus:
  • Employee illness trends by building and location
  • Aggregate data reporting for activated thermometers, completed daily self-checks, and red light status
  • Dedicated account representative

Privacy is Our Priority

Monitor illness in the workplace without sacrificing your employees’ privacy. Temperature and symptom trends are anonymously aggregated in the WellTogether™ dashboard, ensuring your employees’ data stays private while you get the information you need to take action. Learn more about our privacy policies.

Contribute to a Broader Mission

We’re on a mission to stop the spread of infectious illness through earlier detection and earlier response. By enrolling in our WellTogether™ program you’re not just helping your employees get back to work, you’re helping your broader community know when illness is spreading. Learn more at