Knowledge is Power.

Kinsa’s FLUency™ program steers the newly sick to the care and services they need to get better faster.  By monitoring local, school, and grade illness levels, FLUency triggers alerts to parents, school nurses and administrators and guides the most vulnerable to preventative actions to reduce the transmission of illness.

How it works


Show communities you care by offering an award-winning, doctor recommended smart thermometer to all families through their school.


Communicate with families in real time, guiding them to the right services and care they need to get better faster.


Alert the community to rising levels of illness, empowering families with the knowledge they need to stay well.

Leading organizations sponsor FLUency™ to:


  • Reduce transmission in the community and improve health outcomes
  • Promote healthy habits, e.g, disinfecting, flu shots
  • Realize their brand purpose and vision
  • Drive use of telemedicine over the E.R.
  • Increase brand preference or consumer satisfaction
Our neighboring districts are all closed because of the flu. But our attendance is only down about 8%.
– School Nurse, Indiana

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