Real-Time Illness Triage

More than 100 million people visit ERs annually. These visits are costly, stressful, and often unnecessary — many could be handled via primary physicians, home care, or telemedicine.

Kinsa’s award-winning thermometer and mobile triage tools respond to everyone’s most pressing question — what should I do? Kinsa Connect answers by steering your employees, members and patients to the remedies, services and information you know will serve them best.

How it works


Show your key audiences you care by offering them an award-winning, doctor recommended smart thermometer.


Personalize the Kinsa app by including links to featured benefits, community health information or access to illness-fighting products.


Use Kinsa to ensure that your customized care recommendation is front and center, easily accessible in someone's moment of need.

Leading organizations use Kinsa Connect to:


  • Keep sick people home, reducing illness spread
  • Connect new parents with underutilized benefits
  • Drive telemedicine usage to reduce unnecessary ER trips
  • Better serve the elderly and other at-risk populations
  • Reduce hospital readmission for chronic and acute cases

Answer the most pressing question: What should I do?


the severity of illness based on an individual’s symptoms & community illness levels


about treatment options such as home remedies and medication


to appropriate care including nurse hotlines, telemedicine or urgent care

“Kinsa is the secret sauce for adoption of telemedicine and family health benefits.”
– SVP Benefits, Fortune 50 Bank

Kinsa Research

Watch the flu spread across the United States

The 2017-2018 flu season was the first one in which Kinsa made its illness signal available to the organizations, companies and news outlets that could help people stay and get healthy. For more information about Kinsa’s Illness Signal and our health map visuals, contact

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