Well Informed

Kinsa has created the world’s first real time detection and response communication system to understand where illness is spreading and connect people to the products, services, and information that will help them get better.

How it works


The first device people turn to when sickness strikes - the thermometer - can now communicate with consumers in need.


By aggregating and analyzing real-time information, we can understand and predict where illness is headed next.


Organizations use Kinsa's illness signal to connect people with the information and care that will help them get better faster.


Curb the spread of illness in communities

FLUency is a movement to keep communities healthy. By improving knowledge of and response to spreading illness in schools – an epicenter in illness transmission – FLUency keeps entire communities healthier. Large organizations, companies and brands sponsor Kinsa FLUency to:

  • Realize their brand purpose
  • Improve community health
  • Increase brand preference
  • Change behaviors, e.g. use of telemedicine over E.R.

Real-time illness tracking and forecasting

Kinsa Insights is the earliest, most granular and most geo-precise illness tracking and forecasting system in the U.S. Leading health organizations, pharmacies and brands use Kinsa Insights to:

  • Detect outbreaks
  • Plan resources
  • Customize marketing
  • Avoid product stockouts