The Key to Help the Country Return to Normal

We need to safely reopen schools and keep them open

As we approach a new year, we want to take what we’ve learned about illness and disease over the course of this COVID-19 pandemic and create a way for people to stay aware, be prepared and respond more accurately to keep their families safe and healthy. 

Remote learning has not been easy- especially for disadvantaged communities. Schools are considered as an essential service and by keeping schools from reopening, we are removing valuable resources from our community. A school not only helps to create an educational and developmental environment for the next generation but it also, is a means of child care for millions of working parents, access to healthy meals for those that can’t afford it, and the first line of defence for health care in a community. 

Here at Kinsa, we have a plan.

Kinsa’s school health program, FLUency, is proven to stop illness from spreading, keeping students in school learning. The goal of the FLUency program is earlier detection and earlier response to illness in schools by helping parents & school staff know more about symptoms and illnesses going around. The program also empowers nurses with a real-time communication channel to families, helping to alert them to any circulating illness and reminding them on preventative behaviors.

Used by 4,000 schools across the United States, our corporate sponsors are providing communities with the crucial resources they need to help stop an outbreak before it begins. But more schools need your help. This year alone, more than 17,000 schools have applied and need organizations like yours to provide them access to these much needed resources, because it works.

The program works

Now in its 6th year, the Kinsa school health program has been caring for schools and communities long before the COVID-19 pandemic, and with your help, will continue to support schools for years to come. 

  • 27% decrease in illness-based school absences during the peak of flu season
  • 97% of teachers disinfect their classrooms more frequently after participating 
  • 90% of school nurses said the program kept them more informed of illnesses going around the school 
  • Participating families go to the doctor half a day earlier when their child develops flu- or strep-like symptoms, getting them better and back to learning faster

“It has been wonderful. Parents are utilizing the message board and are being much more proactive at checking temperatures if their child is feeling ill. Last year it was a common occurrence during flu season to have numerous (5-10) students come in from off the bus, or with their parents strictly requesting a temperature check because they didn’t have a thermometer at home. That number has decreased to ZERO!” – Alisha Palmer, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, PHNII, Jackson Park Elementary School Nurse (Kannapolis, NC)

How you can help in a time of need

Be a part of our plan and solution by sponsoring the Kinsa school health program to get children back in schools and to help the country return to normal. 

The program helps all communities while promoting your brand. Your partnership with Kinsa will give you the opportunity to:

  • Enroll school families and staff into brand-sponsored school community groups
  • Receive tremendous media coverage across local and national new outlets
  • Increase brand preference by fostering deep and meaningful connections to the community

In our attempt to imagine schools in a post-pandemic world, hear from families and school staff that needed help with providing resources. These same individuals now continue to be positively impacted by Kinsa’s partnership with Lysol:

“Even at the beginning of the school year, we moved the start of school back a week because we were having issues even getting our cleaning supplies and some things like that because things were on backorder.” – School Nurse, Tuscola, Illinois

“Each family will receive a smart thermometer and Lysol cleaning products: two items which are both still facing national shortages and are vital for students to return to the classroom.” – Illinois elementary school

Let’s get started!

These are unprecedented times but if we take the right steps now, we can ensure we’re prepared for the future. Join forces with Kinsa and together, let’s create a movement that matters.