20 Facts About Toddlers

Toddlers are just beginning to get a sense of who they are. They see the world with a sense of wonder while working to understand it. Guiding them through these years of rapid development is an exciting challenge! Here are some of the most interesting facts about toddlers. 1. Toddlers experience a language explosion. The

7 Things You Need When Bringing Baby Home

Bringing your new baby home from the hospital is a major milestone. There’s plenty of advice out there on the basics you need and how to be prepared. The truth is you can never be truly prepared, and you don’t need everything all at once. Here are the essentials. 1. An approved car seat. Hospitals won’t let

10 Tips for Keeping Baby Safe

Keeping your baby safe is one of a new parent’s most important jobs. One of the reasons it can be so challenging to keep baby safe is because each new stage of development presents new risks. In honor of Baby Safety Month, we’ve put together our top 10 tips for keeping baby safe. Practice safe