Recognizing and Preventing Dehydration in Babies

Dehydration happens when our body loses more fluids than it takes in. Our youngest babes or elderly loved ones are at highest risk of dehydration, but it happens to all of us. Let’s cover dehydration causes and dehydration symptoms, as well as dehydration treatment. What causes dehydration? A lot of things can cause dehydration, but

Teething Signs, Symptoms and Remedies

Does your little gal appear to be fussy for no reason? Drooling like crazy? Won’t keep her fingers out of her mouth? You suspect before I even tell you that yes, she might be sprouting those baby teeth (scientifically known as deciduous teeth. Some people also call them milk teeth or primary teeth. We’ll stick

Diaper Rash Causes, Treatment, and Management

As a new parent, you might assume that your little bundled miracle will eventually get a diaper rash (and you’d be right). Seems like a simple, fleeting thought – until it actually happens. Then you’re suddenly wondering what caused it, which diaper rash cream you should put on it, how to prevent it from getting

Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

We’ve all been there: waking one of our kiddos to find that one of their eyes won’t open all the way. Glued shut with…you know…stuff. Most of us know enough to know that this could likely be pink eye, or conjunctivitis – same thing. We know it is usually not too concerning, so our immediate

What is Gingivostomatitis?

Most parents associate a child’s oral health mainly with cavities or brushing habits. However, oral health is tied to our general health in many ways, beyond just good dental hygiene. Gingivostomatitis, also known asorolabial herpes, is just one example of this cross between general and dental health, that as a Mom, I wish I’d been aware of

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Symptoms & Causes

Isn’t snuggling a newborn just about the best thing in the world? So of course it makes sense that so many of us are drawn to the idea of napping with them. Having sleepovers in our bed while they purr happily all night. Not having to get out of bed to reach them for middle-of-the-night

Best Foods for Fighting Cold & Flu

Two decades ago, I started my career in tech right around the dot com boom. Somehow, amid friends taking jobs at startups with Hooli-level benefits (3 catered meals a day, concierge doctors, parties with rock stars), my early jobs were a bit more… austere.