Kinsa Smart Thermometer Data Predicts New COVID-19 Spikes Weeks Before CDC

Kinsa founder, Inder Singh, was interviewed on Here & Now about Kinsa’s recent COVID-19 outbreak predictions in New York, Boston and other locations around the United States. Kinsa’s HealthWeather map has tracked the atypical illness and outbreaks for COVID-19 since March, 2020. Now that the country is starting to reopen Kinsa’s data has started seeing

See our Statement on Racism as a Public Health Issue

Kinsa condemns racism, bigotry and police brutality, and we are proud to stand with diverse communities nationally and globally who are making their voices heard in support of black Americans and people of color. As practitioners of public health and as people, we believe healthcare is a basic human right. A person’s skin color, gender,

Your Sacrifices are Saving Lives, Social Distancing is Working

Today I’m writing a thank you note, as well as a plea. To those who have stayed inside, to those who have instructed us to stay inside, to those who have given or followed instructions to practice social distancing – I know it isn’t easy. But as I watch my stir-crazy young daughters and fight

Images and Infographics from Kinsa’s Health Weather Map and Data

Health Weather Map media available for download. Click on any image below to view and download the full version. For general press media please see our press kits here. Social Distancing Infographics Kinsa’s Cumulative Atypical Illness and CDC COVID-19 Case Correlation Health Weather Images for Cumulative Atypical, Observed and Illness Trends maps Social Distancing Infographics

Flu Season in Review: 2018-2019

As the days get longer and our kids begin counting down to summer break, we can finally say that this unusually long and frustrating flu season has come to a close. While Kinsa’s illness signal still shows roughly 2.2% of the country exhibiting symptoms (more than 60% above this time last year and even higher

Interactive Illness Level Map Now Available to the Public

Kinsa Insights, the earliest and most geo-precise signal for infectious illness in the U.S., is now offering its interactive map showing state by state illness levels to any and all who may find it valuable. Previously available only to organizations who could actively use this data to prevent the spread of contagious illness or more

Watch the flu spread across the United States

The 2017-2018 flu season was the first one in which Kinsa made its illness signal available to the organizations, companies and news outlets that could help people stay and get healthy. For more information about Kinsa’s Illness Signal and our health map visuals, contact [email protected]