See our Statement on Racism as a Public Health Issue

Kinsa condemns racism, bigotry and police brutality, and we are proud to stand with diverse communities nationally and globally who are making their voices heard in support of black Americans and people of color.

As practitioners of public health and as people, we believe healthcare is a basic human right. A person’s skin color, gender, orientation, or age should have no bearing on access to or quality of healthcare. But that is not the reality we live in, and we believe that racism is a public health issue that contributes to these inequities. In every epidemic, it is underserved communities who suffer the most because they do not have access to the care and treatment they need at any time, let alone during a pandemic that is devastating communities across the country. 

Until there are meaningful policy changes – from policing reforms to access to healthcare — that improve the lives of communities of color, this will continue to be the reality for far too many Americans. We will always remain committed to our work with underserved communities, communities of color and the marginalized to reduce the spread of illness.

Now is also a time to listen, learn and act. We still have work to do internally to live the values of access and inclusion that we preach — and our leadership team commits to focusing future efforts on making our company more racially diverse. We strongly believe that actions speak louder than words. We at Kinsa are dedicated to the hard work necessary to make sure our actions have an impact on those who need it most.