Kinsa Smart Thermometer Data Predicts New COVID-19 Spikes Weeks Before CDC

Kinsa founder, Inder Singh, was interviewed on Here & Now about Kinsa’s recent COVID-19 outbreak predictions in New York, Boston and other locations around the United States. Kinsa’s HealthWeather map has tracked the atypical illness and outbreaks for COVID-19 since March, 2020.

Now that the country is starting to reopen Kinsa’s data has started seeing increases in atypical illness transmission (Rt) levels. On May 29th Kinsa’s data showed Arizona as seeing higher than normal levels of illness transmission. Then on June 9th Florida and Texas saw increases in transmission shortly followed by Oklahoma and Missouri.

Listen to the entire interview below and learn more about Kinsa’s atypical illness transmission and how this is being used to identify future hotspots of COVID-19 outbreaks.

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