Interactive Illness Level Map Now Available to the Public

Kinsa Insights, the earliest and most geo-precise signal for infectious illness in the U.S., is now offering its interactive map showing state by state illness levels to any and all who may find it valuable. Previously available only to organizations who could actively use this data to prevent the spread of contagious illness or more effectively prepare for it, Kinsa has broadened the reach of this useful information while still maintaining the privacy of those who contribute to the illness signal.

The site offers dynamic graphics to understand which regions have the highest illness levels right now, how various regions compare to each other, or how illness rates have changed over the past 52 weeks. Updates are posted to this site daily, with a 7 day lag from today.

Kinsa’s public illness insights dashboard is available here.

If you’d like to explore our real-time illness insights or more advanced analyses and visualizations, please contact us for more information.