Flu Season in Review: 2018-2019

As the days get longer and our kids begin counting down to summer break, we can finally say that this unusually long and frustrating flu season has come to a close. While Kinsa’s illness signal still shows roughly 2.2% of the country exhibiting symptoms (more than 60% above this time last year and even higher

Interactive Illness Level Map Now Available to the Public

Kinsa Insights, the earliest and most geo-precise signal for infectious illness in the U.S., is now offering its interactive map showing state by state illness levels to any and all who may find it valuable. Previously available only to organizations who could actively use this data to prevent the spread of contagious illness or more

Kinsa’s Real-time Illness Signal Provides Unprecedented Localized Illness Detection and Forecasting

Independent academic researchers confirm that Kinsa’s granular illness signal provides highly accurate local illness estimates and forecasts, enabling better state-level public health surveillance. Last month, Kinsa was proud to be featured in a poster presentation during Infectious Disease Week. This poster marks the second report published by academics from the University of Iowa regarding Kinsa data. The