Letter from the CEO & Founder

This week, the New York Times published an article about how a disinfectant company uses Kinsa’s illness signal on where illness is spreading to target digital advertising.

Your Health Benefits Would be Fantastic if Anyone Used Them

Two decades ago, I started my career in tech right around the dot com boom. Somehow, amid friends taking jobs at startups with Hooli-level benefits (3 catered meals a day, concierge doctors, parties with rock stars), my early jobs were a bit more… austere.

Bill Gates & Epidemiologists Agree Infectious Disease Needs Our Captive Attention

Once upon a time, spreading illnesses weren’t investigated until they hit crisis levels (see Outbreak); they’d wreak havoc in local areas but slide under the CDC radar until they were extreme and widespread enough to garner national attention.

The Sick $ense: A real-time opportunity for illness-based marketing

20+ years after learning Marketing 101 in college, the key tenets still hold: show the right products to the right people at the right time. Push chicken noodle when it’s cold out, gazpacho when it’s hot. Let the seasons guide your budget…

Was WebMD Wrong? Flu Drops During Holidays

Holidays are often cited as a major contributor to the spread of influenza. Big families are breaking bread (and germs) together, flights (with their dreaded recirculated air) are more packed and popular than ever…