At Kinsa, we believe that the way to stop illness from spreading is to know where and when it’s starting. So we took the most common health device in the world and reimagined it in a single way: we connected it to your smartphone.

Kinsa thermometers guide our millions of users to the care they need when they fall ill, while gathering aggregated, anonymous information to better understand what illnesses are circulating.

Our top-rated, award-winning thermometers are loved by doctors and parents alike, and our illness data has been validated by leading scientists and featured on hundreds of news stations.

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A Mission in Common

We are public health leaders and tech startup founders. We come from enterprise software, consumer tech, bioscience, CPG and the nonprofit world. We speak a dozen different languages and come from just as many countries. Our differences help us tackle challenges from multiple perspectives, while our shared passion to stop illness from spreading keeps us aligned.

  • Created the first ever FDA cleared smartphone-connected Thermometer in 2013
  • Winner of 12 major awards, including Cleveland Clinic Grand Prize for Medical Innovation
  • Featured by the New York Times, GMA and more than 100 local news stations
  • Used by U.S. athletes in Rio to monitor health during 2016 Zika outbreak
  • Backed by Kleiner Perkins, GSR Ventures, FirstMark Capital and others
  • Products sold in more than 8000 U.S. retail stores
  • Featured in an Apple TV Commercial
  • Used by teachers, administrators and parents at more than 10,000 elementary schools to detect circulating illnesses.

Leadership Team

Inder Singh
Founder and CEO

Peter Belonojko

Lauren Davis
Marketing & Retail

David Gal
Engineering & Hardware

Erin Koehler
Software Product

Sarah Pilewski
Enterprise Business

Investors, Advisors and Board


Kleiner Perkins

GSR Ventures

FirstMark Capital

Founder Collective

Andy Palmer


Edo Segal

Kent Suzuki
Right Brain


Dr. Beth Seidenberg
Kleiner Perkins

Dr. Richard Lim
GSR Ventures